polnoservis spolocnostrapeseed oil produced by zero waste technology at Poľnoservis represents basic feedstock for the production of biodiesel in other Envien Group companies

The company Poľnoservis launched production in 2011. Its core acitivity is oil pressing, mainly from rapeseed (with the possibility to use sunflower seed as well) in hot process, and subsequent hexane extraction. Hexane is recovered in the process and recycled back into the production, which allows for minimal consumption of this agent. The plant is equipped with wasteless production technology, which doesn’t negatively affect the environment. The main product is rapeseed oil, with annual production capacity of 100,000 tons. The oil produced by Poľnoservis is used mainly for the production of rapeseed methyl esther (biodiesel) in other plants of the Envien Group.

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